The best things in life
Aren't things.

I believe the best things in life are the pauses. The pauses we take to gather together for a meal with people we love and like. The pauses we take to visit a place we've never been before. The pauses we take to learn something new or give back or watch a cat video on the Internet.

Those pauses — long or short — are where life actually lives.

This is me in a very rare selfie. (It took me, like, 42 tries.)

This is me in a very rare selfie. (It took me, like, 42 tries.)


About Worthy Pause

Worthy Pause is a food, travel and other-things blog by Annie D'Souza — that's me, so I'm not going to talk in third-person.

I live in Minneapolis with my husband, toddler and a rescue pup named Georgie who has two different colored eyes. I’m a freelance writer, editor, recipe developer, community-builder and content strategist (well, those are five of the many things I roll into my Jane-of-all-trades career).

On Worthy Pause, I lean heavily toward real ingredients and global flavors because my ridiculously large Indian-Filipino-Iranian family eats very well. I was deep in paleo land for a while and still cook that way at home most of the time, so lot of the recipes on this blog are paleo, gluten-free, low-carb and Whole30-friendly (and some vegan and vegetarian options, too). Overall, you'll find a lot of easy animal and plant-based recipes and resources here, but I try my best to avoid the nutritional dogma of it all.

In addition to food, I also share travel adventures (especially the ones that inspire these kitchen adventures!), attempts at wellness, occasional feminist rants and other pause-worthy moments.

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P.S. Of all the recipes on the website, I make this one and this one most often. 


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